I was hoping for a reference about how masturbation is healthy throughout the article, unfortunately you haven't mentioned any of it. However, nowadays the harmlessness theory of masturbation is almost dead comparing with the up to date researches of how masturbation disturbs one's health and his relationship. You may see YourBrainOnPorn.com which spoke extensively about it. Saying masturbation is healthy is similar to the doctors who used to say smoking is healthy a century ago. On the other hand, as long as you have mentioned the Nofap community you should have read some of the shared experiences there and why they chose to give up masturbation for the sake of a healthy life and relationship with their partners. Not to get supernatural powers but to gain the life they thought they controlled all the time until they found the total opposite. Such thousands of experiences and researches until this time have proved that Porn and Masturbation is nothing but another form of addiction that is not any better than alchoholism.

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