I agree with your point about both tribes are equal as is the case with any other tribe in the world. However, this is not the issue between Palestinians and Israelis. In fact, before the Balfour declaration about a clear promise to create a Jewish land for Jews in Palestine, the immigrants were welcomed and supported by the Palestinians.

The Palestinians didn't have a state as any other community that established its state after WWII. However, they were ruled and considered as nationals under land which belongs to the Ottoman Empire, this is the same case to any modern middle eastern country nowadays., every era has its political map.

The main problem is that this "modern" state had no right to establish its entity in Palestine - because most of its nationals if not all don't belong to it ethnically - which is what I meant by "stranger".

At the same time, the primary target of establishing this state was to take over the Arabs' cities and replace their population with a Jewish one, under forced expulsion and a wipe to any trace that refers to their identity. Which is an "occupation" with a systematic ethnic cleansing. This is still going until this day in the west bank and Jerusalem, including the religious places as what happened in the Sanctuary of Abraham and the ongoing attempts in the Al-Aqsa mosque.

This has nothing to do with race nor religious discrimination - the Palestinian Christians consider the Israeli existence an occupation and cause a direct threat and a struggle to them as the rest of Palestinians.

Writer | Email: ibra.653@gmail.com

Writer | Email: ibra.653@gmail.com