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Here is why you should care about your online privacy.

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Would you agree if you were asked to keep your house windows and exit door open so everyone watches you while you are chilling, eating, sleeping, and having conversations with your family members? This is totally insane if ever happened in real life! Maybe it exists in some psychotic movie, who knows!

But this scenario is not far from your life on the internet. Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Last year I wanted to download my Google account’s data; from Photos, and notes as well as google drive files. …


It’s not enough to “Will, Won’t, and Want” without this formula.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. The conscious and subconscious minds.
3. How to boost your willpower.
A) The winner’s formula.
B) Useful Tips to persevere and strengthen your willpower.
4. Conclusion.

If you think you can accomplish a plan by simply saying “I will do this, or I won’t do that” then you might get disappointed.

Everyone has a goal to fulfill. It might be about losing weight, getting a healthier lifestyle, or working extra hours for a better outcome.

Goals may also be related to avoiding bad habits, e.g. staying up at night, sitting or sleeping in the…


Learn about the headdress that traveled around the world.

You have surely seen one of these scarves in a movie, real life, or even a video game. Have you ever thought about where the idea of this scarf came from?

Unfortunately, the media and some video games often show it as a cloth that terrorists wear. Maybe because it is used widely in several regions nowadays. Some movies bring it as a cloth for a rich man who throws his money on some business.

But the story behind these headwears belongs to an old tradition in between the middle eastern societies.

Self Improvement

Three tips to abandon your alarm clock and wake up naturally on time

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Often, I notice people set several alarm alerts to wake up. While many of them wake everyone else in the room except themselves.

I’m lucky for not being from these people. I wake up almost every day at the same time I decide without an alarm. This is one of the good things I like about my lifestyle. I never needed an alarm to wake up unless it is an important event that I want to make sure I won’t miss.

So here is the question: why it’s natural for some people to get up on time without the need…

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This Is How I Wake Up Everyday On Time Without Alarm

Most of What You Know About How Willpower Works Is Wrong — And Here’s Why

You might be escaping from life responsibilities while you don’t know:

Be a better leadership with this formula:

Control your emotions professionally with these 8 methods:

Sleeping is more than your work:

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Start the new year with a new mindset…

Technology | Applications

Your personal data means $$$

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

Recently I got a WhatsApp notification about the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I was barely awake, so I agreed without reading the details and didn’t care about it.

I mean, it’s the same terms of service in every app we use in which we agree about without knowing what it’s about — just because everyone else uses it.

The next day, many members on social media started speaking about the privacy issues related to the new WhatsApp privacy policy.


What is escapism and how to deal with it.

Photo by Ismail Hamzah on Unsplash

Life is variable. You never know what it holds for you. It’s colorful with what it offers — From health; enjoying well-being or suffering from chronic disease. Wealth; financial stability or unemployment. Social life; the struggle to make true friendships, stable family, and relationships.

You may never stay happy. But certainly, things won’t stay bad.

Often, people tend to live in their comfort zone even if they are not satisfied with their lives. Eventually, they will have to choose between two options when life doesn’t meet their expectations:

  • To stand up and act against it to improve their situation.
  • To…

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