1- How many persons were injured or killed by the "rockets" - which were most of the time handmade short distanced harmless ones? Maybe until the recent events - that were thrown on Israel? For the last 54 years, Palestinians are getting shot in cold blood in the west bank and Gaza by the IDF. This is a boring pretext, change it.

2- They were Arabs, not Russians, not Ethiopians, not Ukraine, not Americans, it's Arab land. You may check ANY archives about the ones who lived in Palestine before 1948. There are a lot of materials and documents about the families that lived in every village. Google it, whether British or Ottoman.

3- Well, because the Zionists militias were cleansing every city and village in the 1948 territories before the full mandate's withdrawal. Hence, the announcement of the state of Israel was after clearing the whole 1948 borders. And that is when the Arab countries tried to "free" the Arab land from the occupation.

4- What you call "peace and normalization" is just illusionary claims on papers and has no meaning on the ground. Despite there has been peace between Israel and Egypt or Jordan, I dare you to find one Jordanian or Egyptian who doesn't recognize Israel as an occupying, strange entity in the middle east. The same goes for the rest of the countries, it's only the governments that may make peace, but not their people.

And this is what this article is about, you can see how the media firecrackers about "peace for peace instead of land for peace" has evaporated when the recent escalation in Israel, Gaza, West Bank, and Jerusalem occurred. What's happening on the ground decides the real peace, and that won't happen unless with a fair solution that satisfies both sides.

Writer | Email: ibra.653@gmail.com

Writer | Email: ibra.653@gmail.com