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Armed settlers are marking & storming Palestinians’ homes, supported by a military curfew.

By Rafat Alkhatib

The last week has been severely tensed in the Palestinian-occupied territories. Starting from protests in east Jerusalem against the restrictions the Israeli government has imposed in the old city of Jerusalem, to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood expulsion attempts and Al-Aqsa mosque raid. Reaching the escalation in the Gaza strip.

This series of events can be simply described as Palestinian reaction against the continuous Israeli procedures of repression and abuse which led to the current heated escalation throughout the holy land.

The Palestinians who live in the Israeli territories made protests against the Israeli violence in Jerusalem. …


Let’s remind the world about the truth they avoid.

From Pixabay by hosny_salah

Away from the sterile argument about the history of the land and to whom it belongs, nobody can deny the brutal Israeli abuses against the Palestinians from the last 73 years until this day.

From enforced expulsion to the Arab residents out of their homes, confiscation of lands, arbitrary arrests to men, women, and children. Building hundreds of settlement units every year, and murdering innocents in a cold blood.

Not only that, but they attribute the Arab’s culture — including their cuisine, clothes, and cinematic works — as their own.

Yet, there is limited coverage for the Israeli abuses under…


‘Hate or Against’ Speech?

Photo by Edrece Stansberry on Unsplash

Since the escalation started in Jerusalem in the last couple of weeks, Facebook has closed up to 30 accounts and 2 accounts on Instagram. They also removed many shared posts by the Palestinians about the live events going on in the city.

Not just that, but Twitter joined Facebook with suspending tens of accounts of who got involved in the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah. One of the accounts is related to national activists who live in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood — where the protests are going on to stop the forced expulsion threats against the Palestinians.

But this is not the first…

Politics | Palestine فلسطين

Behind the wall.

The Apartheid Wall from Bethlehem, a long wall that separates the Palestinian territories in the West Bank, By Dani Montero

What’s your day like whenever you want to go shopping to buy ordinary home needs? Maybe you’ll take your own car to the nearest shopping center, or you may take public transport that will most likely take time for waiting until reaching your destination.

However, imagine with me that you have to pass from a military checkpoint on your feet whenever you want to go to the supermarket. With a hectic and humiliating investigation that leaves you under the sun for hours until you are allowed to pass from either side of the checkpoint.

The Present — is a short…


From the beginning of the escalation until this day.

Photo by Snowscat on Unsplash

For the last two weeks, the scale of tension in Jerusalem is getting bigger. Starting from the settlers’ assaults on the Palestinians in east Jerusalem, to massive protests at the Damascus Gate — one of the main gates of the old city of Jerusalem — reaching to endangering 14 families to get forced expulsion from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah Neighbourhood in the city.

So what’s happening?

This is a holy month to Muslims, it’s special by doing spiritual deeds — such as fasting the month of Ramadan and performing the Tarawih prayers in the mosques throughout the month.

The Israeli police…


They will make your life easier.

Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

Who doesn’t use Microsoft word or a similar document software on his machine? One of the wonderful things Microsoft did was creating the Office suite which keeps improving with every new version.

There are several features in this set of applications that we ignore. Learning some of them will help us to finish our work quicker.

Here I’m going to share with you some of these tips to use Microsoft office professionally and efficiently.

Adjusting Tabs in Ruler

Culture | Religion

Resetting your Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Photo by Brian Ritchie on Unsplash

Fasting is one of the practiced principles among almost every popular religion despite the differentiation in its definition. In Islam, it is encouraged to fast on multiple occasions throughout the year and it could be practiced on any day voluntarily.

Such as fasting three days of every month, every Monday and Thursday, the Month of Muharram, and 6 days from Shawwal (Hijri calendar). But the important one that every capable has to fast is the ninth month of the Hijri calendar — the month of Ramadan.

In which the person should not eat, drink, or have sex from dawn till…

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